Come to the table

Come to the table

Thought for the day. Come to the table. 

Have you ever noticed how people come together at dinner? Today was one of those afternoons where my son and daughter just were not seeing eye to eye. At two and four that’s pretty normal, there were tears and shouts and stamping of feet over who held what toy and our neighbours could be forgiven for thinking that alas the apocalypse was nigh. 

Thankfully it was dinner to the rescue. They came to the table squabbling over who’s fork was whose, and who wanted the orange cup of juice. A few minutes in however and they were clinking their plastic cups and giggling through their salutations. Next they had switched into their favourite role play, “families” which saw my daughter spoon feeding her baby (brother). 

Peace had been achieved and all it took was some Dohertys mince, peas, spuds and gravy!! 

Seems simple, doesn’t it. Well in toddler world it is that simple. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jesus chose to spend his last night with his disciples over a dinner table. It is no coincidence that a great many of our Christian celebrations are held as feast days. Because there is something just wonderful about sitting around the family table, or a group of friends coming together over a meal. 

I know I might seem as if I am jumping ahead to Easter with all this talk of the last supper, but on this last day in November I’m thinking ahead to one of my favourite meals, Christmas dinner. Christmas is one of the highlights in the life of our dinner table, as it gets extended and bits added on to it as we make more and more room for family and friends. The woes of the past are forgotten around the Christmas dinner table. Any family squabbles either melt away or can be respectfully put aside on that blessed day. We have the ultimate reason to come to the table in fellowship and love. 

All because of a little baby, born for from the comfort of a feast laden table, but born so that we could indeed come to the table. Not the Christmas dinner table but in fact the table of the Lord God himself. As we enter the season of goodwill might we be reminded to make room at our tables, in the way that Christ made room at His table for us. Make room for that person with whom you haven’t always seen eye to eye. Extend a welcome to those with whom you feel you have little in common. Plate up for those less fortunate and remember the goodwill part of the season of goodwill. For if we can bring one another to our table in genuine fellowship, forgiveness and love, just as we have been welcomed to His table. If we can do that for just one meal, we might just find those differences melting away. Those squabbles gaining some perspective, or be humbled by the gratitude we can witness when we give what little we have to those who have less. 

Christ came to earth so that we may come to the table. Lets try that this holiday season. 

God bless you all


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  • Easter Vestry Elections

    Easter Vestry Elections

    The annual Easter Vestry is held once a year. At the Annual Easter Vestry parishioners vote new members on to the Select Vestry who will serve for one year. Select Vestry members are responsible for the Finance, Fixtures and Fittings of all church property. The Easter Vestry also elects the People’s Churchwarden, People’s Glebewarden, Supplemental Glebewarden. The Rector appoints Churchwarden, Glebewarden and Supplemental Glebewarden. The Rector gives a report on the parish over the past year and his hopes for the incoming year. The treasurer also gives a report on the financial position on the parish. All the organisations belonging to the parish give a short report highlighting the preceding year as appropriate. We encourage all parishioners to attend the Easter General meeting as this is parishioners opportunity to elect the Select Vestry for 2018 to listen to the annual reports and to voice their views and opinions.

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