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Now on Facebook

All Saints Has gone Live!!!! Check it out here.

Ok well we have always been live but as of Friday 12th May we took to Facebook to share not just photos and advertising but live video broadcasts. We started off with a few short bursts of each of the school choirs who came to perform at our Festival of Flowers, but we could not have foreseen the reach that our broadcasts were to have! Every performance was broadcast at least in part and over the space of the flower festival weekend and mission week our videos were viewed over 50 thousand times!! Parents who were working could share in their child's choir performance. We had people tuning in from home who are too ill to come to church, we had people tuning in from Yorkshire, Northumberland, and as far away as Idaho USA, and Australia! 

On the Saturday we streamed the performance of the Two Priests, and to date those videos have been collectively viewed 12000 times. Don't tell him but our very own rector managed over 12 thousand views for ONE of his videos!! His total viewing figures for Saturday alone stands at 17 thousand people and at least half of those weren't even him watching himself!!! (Sorry Rev David!)

Joking aside, we couldn't have foreseen the outreach possibilities through digital ministry. 

The mission week services were watched by an average of 500 people live per night, and have since gone on to be seen over one thousand times each! 

A high definition video of our final mission week service has been published this morning and has already been viewed 125 in just two hours. 

I have also started posting a Thought for the day. These do not follow a daily devotional plan, more they arise from what I see or feel going on in the world each day, from news events to introspective musings, but all are going a long way to getting people interacting, to get people thinking and to get people talking. Talking about Jesus and talking to each other. Sometimes they have been amusing and sometimes they will be a little close to the bone, but Christ challenges us to speak up in his name. I encourage people to tune into their gut feelings, because I believe that our gut instinct is actually our God instinct. I want people to be interactive with the Facebook page, like it for updates of what's happening in All Saints Clooney,  events that are in the pipeline and eventually networking with other parishes do the glory of God. Having seen the power of online outreach over the next months I will be exploring options to improve the streaming service. 

Our new website will be going live very soon with some new interactive features, and we encourage everyone to use them to reach out to us and to each other.

All Saints Digital Ministry Team

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