• Important Notice Regarding General Data Protection Regulations 2018

    Important Notice Regarding General Data Protection Regulations 2018

    24th May 2018

    Important notice regarding how All Saints’ Clooney handles your data

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  • When things don't quite go to plan...

    When things don't quite go to plan...

    6th May 2018

    Have you ever had the experience where you work really hard at something, practice really hard and then at the crucial moment…. it just goes horribly wrong?? Well thankfully the praise service didn’t go horribly wrong, but it didn’t quite go right either…

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  • Hallelujah (For the cross)

    Hallelujah (For the cross)

    6th May 2018

    Click to listen to All Saints’ praise band, VersUs, in their first live performace of Hallelujah (for the cross), penned by bassist Louise to the tune by Leonard Cohen. 

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  • Time for Tea

    Time for Tea

    11th January 2018

    Do you know that there’s someone out there who knows who we are, what we need, where we are going and where we have been? In fact God knew us before we were even born! How wonderful! Did you know that, like those lovely ladies in the cafe, sometimes God sees that you need a little more of something, and He can top up your cup from his ever ready pot of grace, hope and love. 

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  • A Smurf Sacrifice

    A Smurf Sacrifice

    21st December 2017

    Smurfs. Little blue guys? Anyone remember them? I loved the Smurfs as a kid, and now my own kids are watching the newest smurf movie, Smurfs and the Lost Village. In case you haven’t seen it, be warned, spoiler alert!

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  • Come to the table

    Come to the table

    30th November 2017

    Have you ever noticed how people come together at dinner?

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  • Flower Festival Poem

    Flower Festival Poem

    19th June 2017

    As with all good things Our festival has come to an end What a weekend it has been With visitors becoming friends

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  • Now on Facebook

    Now on Facebook

    15th June 2017

    Ok well we have always been live but as of Friday 12th May we took to Facebook to share not just photos and advertising but live video broadcasts. We started off with a few short bursts of each of the school choirs who came to perform at our Festival of Flowers, but we could not have foreseen the reach that our broadcasts were to have!

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  • Is Seeing Believing?

    Is Seeing Believing?

    8th June 2017

    Thought for the day. Is seeing really believing?

    It’s what they say isn’t it?  Seeing is believing!  Makes sense. If you see something then it’s real. So if we can’t see something then it’s probably not real.  Oh. No wait. That’s not right!

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