Time for Tea

Time for Tea

Today saw a rare occurrence in the life of me. Between appointments this morning I found myself having half an hour free near a little cafe that I like, so I popped in. One of the things I love so much about this little cafe is that there’s always a great big pot of tea brewing, so there’s none of that watery tea, or waiting an eternity for the tea bag to steep enough for that perfect cuppa. The tea is ready any minute of the day, ready with it’s comforting warmth just at the minute that it’s needed most. I guess you could say that God is a bit like that. When I call on God, I don’t have to wait for Him to heat up, nor do I have to sit and stew til He gets strong enough for what I need, He’s there, He’s strong enough and He’s ready. 

Whilst drinking my cup of perfectly yummy tea, I sat and watched the interaction between the staff in the cafe and their customers. As each person came in they were greeted by name. The ladies knew their order before having to ask. They knew who took sugar in their tea, who liked butter in their bap and who couldn’t eat eggs. They knew the taxi drivers who needed their lunch quickly before a call out (good thing the tea was already brewed). I had mentioned how we currently have no kitchen as we are getting work done at home. When I finished my cup of tea the ladies nicely even gave me a free top up as they could empathise with my not having what I needed in my home. 

Do you know that there’s someone out there who knows who we are, what we need, where we are going and where we have been? In fact God knew us before we were even born! How wonderful! Did you know that, like those lovely ladies in the cafe, sometimes God sees that you need a little more of something, and He can top up your cup from his ever ready pot of grace, hope and love. 

I think we could all be a bit more like Him, and indeed more like that lady, and top up somebody’s cup with our own acts of kindness, couldn’t we? I know I sure could do more for others, and make them feel as cared about as I felt today, and sometimes it takes something so little, today it was simply because someone gave me an extra wee cuppa from an ever ready pot. 

Do you know what if feels like, going into a cafe like that? It feels like home. Just like spending time with God brings you home. So over this next week how about we spend some more time with God and fill up a few cups for others on the way.

God bless 


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