Flower Festival Poem

Flower Festival Poem

A beautiful poem written by Louise Campbell after the flower festival

As with all good things
Our festival has come to an end
What a weekend it has been
With visitors becoming friends
The florals displays defy description
Though of course I will try
But perhaps it sums it up to say
They'd bring a tear to your eye
The story told around All Saints
As we joined in the saintly walk
Told us the stories of those we revere
In ways we didn't know flowers could talk
So much love and thought put in
So many months of meetings and plans
Came together simply beautifully
Of course, it was all in God's hands
Our most heart felt thanks for their dedication
To the Floral Art Society must go
For how you turned bunches of flowers
Into such stories, we may never know
So thank you to all who worked so hard
To turn the flowers into each scene
Thank you all who served our guests
The finest lunch and teas ever seen
Thank you to those who stood by the doors
Welcoming each and every guest
With the warmth and with the friendliness
That we know All Saints folk do best.
Thank you to those who braved the cold
To meet our guests and guide,
Or those who managed the parking and buses
While we enjoyed the cosy inside
Thank you to all of our sponsors
Without whom nothing would have come to be
And those who sponsored the arrangements
That people travelled from afar to see
For all those who gifted us money
Those who donated flowers, or gave food
So many people gave so much
More than we ever imagined you all would
For those from all the transport boards
Who brought folk from far and wide
And all who met visitors around the city
Thank you for being such great tour guides
Thank you to those who visited us
With their talents they did grace
School choirs, musicians, our very own choir
Brought music and joy to the place
For the beautiful badges we wore with pride
Showing we were all part of the team
Thank you for their beautiful design
Such a simple thing, yet how much they mean.
Thank you to our Rector of course
Who led every step of the way
Especially for his wonderful closing service
A wonderful end to a lovely wee day
Thank you of course must go to you,
Our guests, our visitors and friends
Some who came from so far afield
We couldn't have fathomed how many He'd send
Thank you for taking the time to come
And share in our special few days
Thank you for the generosity shown
In oh, so many ways
Thank you to those who tuned in online
Who could not come from all about
But to have our festival shared world wide
Is an honour without a doubt
And finally thanks must go as always
To He with whom it all begun
For our Lord so gracious and kind and true
Through Him are all great things done
May His name be ever upon our lips
May His word speak into our hearts
And may His Name have been glorified
Through our floral and musical arts
I hope we haven’t missed anyone out
But please, all rest assured
There’s nothing you’ve done that was not seen
No prayer has gone unheard
For all your work and prayer and help
Was done for God above
And we thank Him for you all
And pray He will shower you all with love.

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