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Flower Rota

Flower Rota

Why do we need flowers in Church?
The Spirit of God stirs the imagination and interpretations of the flower arranger. That same Spirit can touch the heart of the viewer who may see more than just a beautiful floral display, but will see through the display to the beauty and love of God and all his creation. Flowers and plants are a gift that not only sustains life but also should be used in worship and praise of the creator of life.

Who pays for the flowers each week in church?
Parishioners give money to have flowers in church for a specific family event eg. Anniversary of the death of a loved one, a wedding day, a special remembrance

Can I request a particular Sunday?
Yes you can!

What if someone has already picked the Sunday I want?
No problem! All family names will be displayed for each Sunday. Surplus money will be kept by the All Saints’ Flower Guild so additional flowers can be purchased for church festivals eg. Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Can I arrange the flowers myself for the nominated Sunday?
Yes you can. You will need to let the Parish Office know that you are arranging your own flowers so the Volunteer arrangers can have the week off!

How much is the ‘normal’ donation for placement of flowers?
Normally £20 is given to purchase suitable flowers.

Who do I give the donation to?
You can give the money to the Churchwardens or leave it in the Parish office at least one week before your nominated Sunday. Please mark the envelope clearly with “Flowers” and include your name and address.

What happens the flowers after Sunday?
The flowers are kept in church until they are no longer suitable for display.

What happens if the flowers last more than one week?
The volunteer arrangers will have discretion to ‘reuse’ or ‘refresh’ an arrangement if it can last more than one week. The money saved will be kept by All Saints Flower Guild for festival events.

When and where can I nominate a specific Sunday?
In the Church Porch there is a Flower Rota where you can nominate your Sunday(s). Please sign up as soon as possible.

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